Hickory Flats gets Published

Hickory Flats is published for the first time with The Woodstock View and the Acworth View, monthly papers dedicated to improving the quality of media surrounding our families, friends and communities. Both papers have a distribution of over 40,000 homes. Venture Media Partners LLC has asked Hickory Flats to submit monthly themed cartoons that reflect the lighter side of our daily lives.


Chic-fil-A rewards LIL BUDDY

Chic-fil-A sent LIL BUDDY a Cow thanking him for inspiring the cartoon
"Off On Sunday's"
(see cartoon 5.18.08)
We were treated to a meal and milk shakes by the very nice people at Chic-fil-A.
Cartooning is rewarding!



I've been asked by a number of people whether I'm drawing from my own experiences or those of Dallas, my son's ? The answer is yes. Also, I do have a very funny little family that includes my wife Sherill and daughter Shelby. They appear frequently in different forms! Here's a picture of me and LIL BUDDY Trout fishing in the Smoky Mountains. (Believe it or not, I snatched that Trout out of the creek with me bare hands!)

What Goes Up, Must Come Down


Prayer Works!

Greetings! I hope you'll forgive the break in cartoons so that I can share a thrilling experience with you. Sherill and I went to Raleigh, NC this weekend and saw Robert Plant and Alison Krauss in concert. This picture is proof that prayer works! For years I've prayed for Robert Plant to become a Christian. Whether or not he has, the concert was encouraging because they sang at least 4 songs that were overtly Christian and had the gospel message in them. This one is Alison singing "Down to the River to Pray" and Robert and two other fellows in the band adding harmony. It was angelic and gave us all goose bumps. Robert took a few minutes in the concert and emotionally shared how singing with Alison and T Bone Burnett had opened him up to a whole new realm of music that he didn't know existed and he came close to getting choked up. (I did get choked up) To end the concert, they sang the last song off of their excellent new album "Raising Sand". "Your Long Journey" is a spiritual song about a couple who are embracing one another as one of them is about to pass into the afterlife. Before they sang it, Alison sweetly whispered into Robert's ear to share something. Robert then said, "Alison wanted me to tell you this song is dedicated to God!" The crowd went nuts!